All Girls School

Christmas Prep
December 14, 2008, 10:19 pm
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We’ve been super busy around here with all of the holiday activities going on. There has been a ton of holiday baking as well as holiday parties and gatherings with friends and family. The girls are giddy for Christmas. Tonight was their Christmas program at church. Mimi and Baby chose to be angels. Bubba was asked to be one of the 3 Wise Women. It was a beautiful evening with the dim lights and all of the children dressed up and excited.

In school we have continued on with geology. We did some easy experiments using Bubba’s rock collection.

We’ve also started to talk about next year. She is thinking about going back to public school. She’s very divided on the issue, though. So, I’m going to work hard on the areas that I feel she’s not as strong in so that she can be ready to re-inter the school in the fall if that’s what she decides. I don’t love the idea and would be happy to keep homeschooling her forever. But, we’ve always said that this was a choice for the kids after first grade. We’ll see what she ends up deciding for certain as it changes hourly.

This coming week will be our final week before taking a holiday break. We’re all looking forward to sleeping in and spending time with our extended families and friends.


Advent Calendar
December 3, 2008, 9:16 am
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I usually buy a small cheapie advent calendar for each of the girls every year. I have wanted something more permanent, but most of the nice ones that you can buy won’t hold a treat for three kids at once. Most of the ideas I saw for making one had the same problem or they just didn’t look like they would hold up to many years of use. Until I saw this idea. It looked perfect as it was completely customizable and could be made whatever size I needed. So Bubba and I set to creating them with some $1 wrapping paper that we found at Target. They turned out great and it has been a great motivator for the girls to get up and ready in the mornings.

I used a tiny kitchen curtain tension rod to hang them across the doorway off of the living room. They look really festive there and are easily accessibly to only dad or I. (Which is important because last year a certain two-year-old snuck into the advent calendars and wiped out a couple of weeks in one sitting.)

Mimi has become a reader lately. She brings home books to read to us. She sounds out every word that she finds and spells things to us incessantly. It’s so fun to watch her with this new skill. She has wanted to be able to read for a long time and has surprised us all with how quickly she has picked it up. She is the youngest in her class, so we expected it to be a slow process, but she keeps making these great bursts of progress. There are a lot of phonics games played in the car. She will instigate one by calling out, “Ok, give me a word that starts with the ‘ch’ sound,” and we all have to go around and around until we exhaust our vocabulary. Some of the family got to play a few rounds of this over Thanksgiving.

Bubba is currently studying the Ancient Aztecs, geology, writing a book report, Rosa Parks, regrouping and (x,y) coordinates in math, and is working on an embroidery project for her Secret Santa in Brownies. Between those subjects, reading, spelling and guitar, and all of the holiday baking and wrapping that we have planned, we have a full three weeks ahead of us.

Baby is… Baby. I think she has gotten sassier with the new haircut. She successfully wrote a couple of letter “A”s at preschool yesterday and was really proud of herself. She is gearing up for Christmas and is doing better at leaving the ornaments on the tree than she did last year. Within a week of putting it up last year, the tree was bare on the bottom third due to her little curious hands grabbing them every time she walked past.

‘Tis the season
December 5, 2007, 11:27 pm
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Here’s an outtake from our home photo shoot for this year’s Christmas card. It took four times as long as I had anticipated, but that also included updating my address book and fighting with the local store’s online uploading instrument. Here’s an outtake…

But, we’ve started the season officially. The advent calendars were broken out on Saturday and the girls have been thrilled with their little chocolates every morning. The older two love helping Baby find the correct day on hers. We’ve pulled out the book that I have been waiting for this month to read, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I loved this book when I was a kid and found it earlier this year, I think it was at the library’s used book sale. We’ve gotten two chapters into it and Bubba and Mimi were both listening intently. It’s a pretty short book, though, so I imagine that we’ll be through it soon.

I believe that all of our math will be about fractions this month, well, fractions and measuring. I plan on doing quite a bit of cooking with the girls. Because some people on the receiving end of these gifts do read here, I can’t lay out my plans, but it involves yummy candy and cookies. I would like to break out my lefse griddle and whip up a batch because I absolutely adore the stuff. Unfortunately, it’s really time consuming and I’m not sure I will be able to squeeze it in. That may have to be a project for the new year.

We’re going to be discussing all of the different holidays that happen this month, even Pearl Harbor Day. I don’t know that we’ll get terribly in depth on any of them unless one sparks her interest, but we’ll go over their main points. I think we’re also going to do a crash course in table manners and etiquette that she can show off at our holiday dinners.

The whole weather unit was a bit of a bust. It didn’t interest her the way she thought it would, so we finally just returned the books. Maybe in the spring when we are constantly under a tornado warning she’ll have some more interest in the clouds and such.

We spent a long drive home in the car singing all of the Christmas carols that we could remember (and butchering the ones that we were a little fuzzy on). Pretty soon they’ll print a map in the paper of all of the highly decorated neighborhoods and we’ll load up on hot chocolates with whipped cream and cruise around looking at the lights. We did it last year and hope to continue the tradition from now on.