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The Aftermath
November 21, 2008, 3:40 pm
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Oh, Baby!
November 20, 2008, 5:20 pm
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We began with some creative writing today. Bubba had to choose two words from a list randomly and then write a story about them. She chose “bird” and “love”. The story goes like this:

Once upon a time ther was a bird and a evil villain and a girl named hannah. So one day the evil villain was in his lair bilding an evil machine. When he had finish bilding his evil machine ther was a panel and on the panel ther wher two level’s and the level’s on the panel wher evil and love. the evil villain put the switch on evil and he aimed the machine at a bird but right wen he was about to shoot his mother called him to eat soup so wen he was eating soup hannah swicht it to love. So wen he shot it the bird wa full of love. The End

(We began and finished with creative writing today, as a certain someone was not a fan of the project and she drug it out all. day. long.)

After Mimi got home from school, the kids took a look at Baby’s Thankful Placemat from preschool and decided to make their own pages of things they are thankful for. I drug out a bunch of old magazines and all of the scissors, glue sticks, crayons and markers.

It was a fun project and the kids were having a ball with it. I want you to notice something in that photo. Look really closely. See this part?

Looks great, right? So, I thought it would be fine to go around the corner into the kitchen and whip up some banana bread. All of a sudden the older kids all begin yelling that…

It’s the first self-inflicted mullet at our house. She was awfully proud of herself. I don’t think she’s going to be as happy about it when we remove the “party in the back”. The good news is that we just had some great school photos taken of her. The less good news is that we have a family portrait scheduled for Saturday. I’m not sure yet if we will get her hair fixed before then or just run with a bad hair day theme with the photo shoot.

Why homeschooling is so great
November 18, 2008, 2:21 pm
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Doing your work cuddled up next to the warm fire in the fireplace while still wearing your cuddly warm pajamas at 10:30 in the morning.

I usually have us all get up and fed and dressed by 7:45 in the morning, as we tend to be more productive when we do that. But there are some days that it’s just nice to take it slowly (especially when it’s cold out and nobody wants to get out from under the covers).

Also, Ms. T and Bubba finished up the teddy bear that they had been working on. Now the sleepover trio of items is complete and there is talk of the actual sleepover happening this Friday.


see the earrings?

The photos don’t give you a very good idea of how large this bear is. It is almost as big as Baby.

Homeschooler of the Week
November 14, 2008, 9:08 am
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Bubba was named Homeschooler of the Week over at Homeschool Bliss for this week. (or next week? since it’s Friday?) Anyway, I was sent a questionaire for her to fill out last weekend and she has been asking me every day what it was for and when she would find out. Today, she finally got to see the answer. She was very surprised, not only that she was featured, but that there was a prize involved. Today we’re going to get to work on a lovely thank-you note to send in for the feature and the book. It’s nice that there is this way of being acknowledged as a homeschooler.

New Sewing Project
November 10, 2008, 10:00 am
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Bubba has had two days of sewing projects with our friend, Ms. T. They have been working on a teddy bear, pajama pants and slippers. I have photos of the pajama pants, as the teddy bear still needs a couple of stitches to attach limbs. I can’t wait to share that one, though, as it’s pretty spectacular. Here are the capri pants with button and ribbon embellishments. And who would have guessed that Bubba would choose Hannah Montana fabric? (The bear is HM fleece.)

There is going to be a slumber party with all of the girls that participated in this sewing project. It was such a fun idea and Bubba adores sewing with her friends.

In other schooling, we’ve been exhausting the (x,y) coordinate plane and playing a modified version of Battleship to practice. It was fun for about fifteen minutes until I realized that I should have made the grids smaller. Much much smaller.

We’re finally moving past the human body in science. I had a great video to watch at the end of the unit, but when it came time for it, nobody could find it. Figures. We’re moving on to geology and Bubba is in heaven. She checked out a bunch of books from the library on rocks, gems and minerals. She also got out her rock collection and we’ve been looking at them a lot.

In history we are winding up the ancient Greeks. It was so fun to get to go on a tangent and delve deeply into some of the art history. We looked at tons of images and examples of Greek art and architecture, discussing the different types of columns, the differences between sculpture in the round and relief sculpture, and finding sculptures of the different gods and goddesses that we had learned about.

Last week we found an old book of poems that children often memorized for school a long time ago. We chose one and she copied it out in her best handwriting and had homework over the weekend to memorize it. We’ll see later how that went, as I didn’t see her practice it once. It’s hard for me to assign her homework and then not remind her over the weekend that it needs to get finished. But, I refrained, and it has been left entirely up to her.

We are still reading The Mysterious Benedict Society and are both really into it. It’s been a fun and light read and we have fun stopping to guess what will happen next or try to figure out the clues before the kids in the book do. There have been a couple of frustrating times for Bubba when she’s figured out the current puzzle well before she thought the characters should have, but mostly it’s been fun.

Her guitar lessons are going well. She got some new sheet music the other day. It was Jingle Bells and she is so excited to practice it over and over so she can play it for the family over the holidays. She has also moved up in her book to Yankee Doodle. The incentive to practice is so much stronger when she is practicing songs that she knows.

Soccer ended for the season. We have a sports break now until after the holidays. She wants to take ice skating lessons again. We’ll have to see about that because the logistics of those lessons are a bit of a nightmare. If not ice skating, then she’ll likely want to do indoor soccer. Mimi enjoyed soccer this year and stayed engaged a lot longer than she did last year. As of right now she doesn’t want to play soccer again, but that may change once the indoor league comes along. Or she may want to ice skate, too, if we are able to go that route.

Lastly, here’s a cute pic from this morning when Bubba was helping Baby with her computer time.

November 3, 2008, 4:36 pm
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We had a light school week last week as we were busy preparing for Halloween and our costume party. The girls had a blast trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and all of them wore their costumes to school or Brownie parties earlier in the week. On Saturday we had our costume party at the house. It was a very full weekend, but we had a great time with all of our friends and family. Today it was back to the grind and Bubba and I began working on graphing (x,y) coordinates.