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Guitar Recital
October 6, 2008, 3:34 pm
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Bubba had her first guitar recital on Saturday. On Friday she was really really nervous. Stomach ache nervous. We talked a lot about how everyone there watching was there to support her and not to point out any mistakes. She was still really concerned about missing a note. When she woke up on Saturday, though, her outlook had changed and she wasn’t as concerned any more, just excited. She worked really hard on her piece, too. She knew about the recital for about three weeks. At first it took her almost ten minutes to play the song. We instituted a new policy where, during her daily practice, she had to play her recital song three times before practicing anything else. By the second week she had it memorized and could play it in one minute. In fact, when she got up on stage she sat down, placed her music on the stand and the teacher came to help her plug in to the amp. Then she began playing and never once looked at her music. She just watched her fingers. It was so fun to watch her up on the stage, although I wish she had been given one more song to play so that I could have watched her perform longer.

Leaving for the show.

Feeling a bit of nerves and setting up.


Concentrating… but not on the sheet music.


With some of her adoring fans.


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way to go, beauty!

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