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Prep and Art Class
July 8, 2008, 10:49 pm
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I had some great photos of our extended holiday weekend, but our camera has been misplaced. Suffice it to say, we had a great time with friends and family, ate tons of good food and blew up our entire arsenal.

In other news, I realized that summer is hitting the half-way point, so I need to start organizing for the upcoming year. I’ve been going through a bunch of the items I’d like to use this year and making notes about other resources that correlate. I think this will help our days flow better, instead of searching through the bookshelves and online for the items I need that day, I will be able to get them all ready for the week and have them at our fingertips. I wasn’t very excited about the work involved with this project, but as I’m going through different books, I found myself getting excited about the different things we get to learn about this year.

Bubba has started a book exchange with her friend that lives around the corner. What I love about it is that she is even more driven to read because she has a weekly “deadline” to exchange the books. Also, the girls came up with this on their own out of their love of certain books and their desire to share them with each other.

Bubba and Mimi started summer art classes today. They worked with clay. Bubba made a few different items while Mimi made a really big… thing. I wish so much that I had my camera. Next week is painting, so hopefully it will surface before then.


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Yes, when our kiddos create those BIG THINGS, how proud we are! And aren’t they?! Big Thing = Creative Genius

Comment by Trenna

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