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Sewing, Singing and Winning
June 19, 2008, 9:42 pm
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Today Bubba had her second sewing class with our friend. This time they’re working on sun hats. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to complete them today so I have to wait until next Tuesday until I get to see it. The only thing that I’ve been told is that it will be reversible, she chose pink and purple fabric, and they had money left over so the girls picked out some fun buttons to add as accents. I’m thrilled that she’s learning to sew at a young age. I didn’t learn until I was in middle school and I have no patience for it, so I hate taking the time to cut out the patterns and fabric and iron it and sew it carefully and all that stuff. My pieces all look ok from a great distance. But Bubba on the other hand, relishes every step. Using a hot iron is a grown-up treat for her. She is so steady and slow with the foot pedal that her lines and all careful and fairly straight. I should take a lesson from her.

She is progressing well with her guitar lessons, too. The girl that practices after her saw us at the library and said, “Your daughter is doing really good at her guitar lessons”. So that’s how I know. She was given two new chords to add to her practicing.

Last weekend there was a Sidewalk Chalk festival downtown. We each signed up for a square to color. Baby and I told them that we would share a square. She and I drew a huge tree and a grassy field and flowers. Bubba started and elaborate quilt-like drawing, but started getting hot and thirsty and hungry and stopped. Mimi kept changing her mind about what she was drawing and ended up frustrated at the whole project. Fast forward to two days ago, I get a phone call saying that Baby won the contest for her age division. We were invited down to the new local art gallery for the opening of this show and to be presented her prize. We went down there and looked at the amazing and brutally honest exhibit. Then Baby got her gift bag. It was full of art supplies, a rubber duck and coupons for free food around town. She was especially happy about the rubber duck.

Now ask me how many photos I have of any of these things. none. Go me!


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I will send you the ONE picture I took of Baby looking over her prize.

Comment by Grandma

Congratulations to Baby, they all sounded so excited, even with your angst LUL

Comment by Papa T

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