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Slumber Party Recap
May 31, 2008, 11:23 am
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The whole thing went really well. Mimi and Baby were included willingly in all of the activities, which Bubba is increasingly reluctant to do. It seemed like they were all really enjoying each other. While we were waiting for everyone to show up, Bubba brought out Hullabaloo and it was a great ice breaker. I mean, really, what can bond a group of girls more quickly than running around, touching their noses to different colored floor pads and doing funky monkey dances? I can’t think of anything.

Next we headed to the basement to paint t-shirts. It was so fun to watch each girl do her own thing. Some rushed right through it, others took their time and paid attention to each detail they placed on their shirt. Baby was a rusher, Mimi was in between, as she took a long time to actually complete her shirt, but there wasn’t a lot of contemplation about what went where. We had stamps, sponge brushes, fingers and the applicator tips themselves to decorate with.

Next we headed outside to run around and play. After our final guest arrived, we turned on the grill and started roasting marshmallows for our s’mores. The overall preferred method seemed to be catching them on fire to make “torches” before eating them. I wanted to get photos, but I knew from a s’mores evening a couple of weeks ago that I needed both of my hands free at all times to assist with preparing the ingredients and helping to assemble. Needless to say, they were messy, sticky, and perfect.

When it was dark, we headed inside. The girls, fueled with sugar, instigated a pillow fight. After that I suggested we lay out the sleeping bags. I brought down all of my nail polish and some remover and a package of nail stickers that we had purchased for the party. This turned out, to my surprise, to be the continuing activity of the evening. Eventually, the girls set up a salon and took turns painting each other’s toes and fingers over and over again. Baby even headed back down there for a Midnight Manacure to touch up the first one. The house reeks of the nail polish remover that Bubba spilled (twice), but we’ll pull up those carpet squares and wash them out and hopefully that will remove the fumes.

Last on MY agenda was to pop them some popcorn and start a movie. I popped the corn, but they had no interest in starting a movie and laying down, so I left them to their own devices after that.

Some girls were trying to set a record as to how long they could stay up. Personal record, I should say, as we discussed that beating the World Record would take over a week. I can’t say for certain when they finally went to sleep, but there were some mentions of 2:30 or so. That seemed reasonable to me for a slumber party. What I found astounding was that they were all awake and perky and sweet at 8:00 this morning. We had some bagels, packed up our stuff and watched some Saturday morning tv until all of the parents came.

There’s a bit of post-party let down at our house right now, with the older two constantly coming to me asking for “something fun to do”. I told them that hanging out doing very little sounded like the most fun to me, but that maybe this afternoon we would venture out. All in all, it was a great time and there is talk of an End of Summer Sleepover in a couple of months.


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This is great!! This is exactly what a great slumber party is all about! Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Lisa

thank you, thank you for this wonderful not-a-birthday-sleepover.

what a gift to this community of little girls!

Comment by kristin

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