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Garden update
May 14, 2008, 1:34 pm
Filed under: Bubba

It looks like my black thumb is slowly greening up as there are plenty of green things growing in the garden. All of the girls helped me plant, though, and the younger two were a bit free with where they placed the seeds. There is some sort of melon coming up in my onion area and the spinach is nowhere to be found. The blueberries look good as do about half of the strawberries. I’m not holding out a lot of hope for the tomatoes as they’re looking a bit ragged, but you never know. We’ll put the pumpkins out next month or so and will hopefully have some nice big ones for Halloween. I also found a nice little jalapeno plant at the hardware store yesterday and we planted it in the ground today, so if those tomatoes produce we can have some yummy salsa.

Bubba picked out some little pink flowers to plant in the girls’ special area and we were gifted some yellow ones by one of the preschoolers in Mimi’s class. We’ll put those in the ground tomorrow. Lots of their wild flowers are coming up. I have no idea what any of them are, but it promises to be a pretty little patch.

Bubba and I have been reading about Ancient Mesopotamia. She loves looking at the maps and naming all of the landmarks in the region. Her favorites to say are “Euphrates River” and “Persian Gulf”. I don’t know why she gets such a kick out of those.

Bubba’s gotten quite a few more photos taken and we’ll be putting them up on the computer later today. We’re planning on having her show sometime in early June, so there is a little more time for taking photos and then we’ll have to work on printing and mounting them all.

Summer officially started for us yesterday as it was Mimi’s last day of preschool. We have a full calendar of story times, library fun hours, art camps, swimming lessons and vacations. The girls didn’t want to wait until June 1 to begin doing the reading program, so we made up our on chart for them to get going on. They each get to pick out a book after every 12 hours of reading for Bubba and after every 24 books for Mimi.

Other than that, I’ve been working on organizing our stuff for next year. I’m going through all of the resources and writing down ideas of what will go together and what other supplemental items we’ll need with the lessons. That way it’s all compiled and all I’ll have to do during the school year is look at the list to see what I’ll need to pull out for the next week’s lessons. There’s no scheduling involved, that way if we take a day off to go on a spontaneous field trip, I won’t feel like we’ve fallen behind on anything. I hope to not have to do much as far as lesson planning goes during the school year. I think this will help me stay focused on the actual doing of the lessons instead of wondering what will come next. It is ridiculously time consuming, but considering there are two more kids coming after Bubba, I can’t think of a better way to set it all up. Plus, it’s all loose and general enough that I can add different materials and extras for each girl according to her interests. This all sounds much more structured than it actually is in implementation.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Mimi, our graduate.


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