All Girls School

Spring Fever
April 23, 2008, 4:17 pm
Filed under: baby, Bubba, garden, history, pen pal, reading, writing

We’re having a difficult time concentrating on anything but being outside lately. Spring is so lovely and we have lots of things to keep us busy in the backyard. We have planted everything except the pumpkins, as we’re planning on using them for jack-o-lanterns. The blueberry bushes are looking great and I can hardly wait for the first fruits to appear. One of the strawberry bushes didn’t survive, so I pulled it and stuck in some green onions. Since the baby destroyed the jalapeno starts, we planted extra green beans in their spot. Bubba had fun helping with the planting and watering. We’ve had our first garden watering turned sprinkler spray down of the year. The kids loved it and were soaked. It was warm enough that day that they dried out fairly quickly. I made a little corner area for the girls. I put down a bunch of concrete pavers and surrounded them by planting a wall of sunflowers. I put a bunch of wildflower seeds around it, too, so they have some lower “pretty” ones until the sunflowers grow tall enough to make the corner private.

We’ve been working on our summer history book, but have taken a bit of a break from everything else. We wound up most things, but I’m going to start back in with some subtraction work soon. We’re still reading every day, although she’ fighting me a bit on the silent reading. She prefers to read out loud to her sisters. I don’t mind that at all, I actively encourage it. But, when she tries to count these insanely easy readers as her reading for the day, I have to draw the line. For summer writing, I think we’ll stick to her pen pal letters and some small dictations from the history text.


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