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Garage Sale
April 22, 2008, 7:28 am
Filed under: Bubba

Last week we were busy with the garage sale. It was the first I’ve ever had and it was an insane amount of work. Bubba wanted to be involved, too. She decided that she wanted to make some construction paper folders to sell and then donate the money to charity. I told her that I liked that idea, but that some type of food may actually sell better and net more money for her charity. We decided on blueberry muffins and brownies. We had a quick math lesson to figure out how much to price each item and how many she would have to sell before she made up the cost of the ingredients. Then I told her that I was going to donate the ingredients so that she could donate all of the profits. The next thing that she had to decide was where to donate the money. Bubba settled on the local homeless shelter. So, we cooked 24 muffins and two pans of brownies that yielded about 30 brownies. She got up early on garage sale day and sat in the chilly garage and started selling like crazy. At the end of the day (although Bubba didn’t last that long, she got pretty bored of sitting there), there was only one lonely brownie left on the platter and the mason jar held about $30. She was thrilled and we’re deciding if we’re going to have one more round of garage sale before trekking everything over to the donation center or not. If we do, she wants to be out there again with her trays of goodies.


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Oh thats wonderful! Good for her!

Comment by Kelsey

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