All Girls School

April 15, 2008, 9:56 pm
Filed under: Bubba, garden, pen pal, photography, reading

I have been swamped with work in the evenings lately, so I haven’t been great about updating here. Bubba has agreed to doing a full year’s worth of history over the summer. We didn’t start out with a history curriculum, but have decided that we’d like one. Unfortunately, history tends to build on itself, so to get her to where she needs to be next year, we need to complete the first year. We started it this week and she is really enjoying it. The curriculum itself is broken up in concise and fairly interesting chapters and most are just the right length for her attention span. There are lots of recommended activities with that book and then we’re supplementing some deeper researching with another book that allows for a lot of hands on activities for her.

I think we may try to keep up with some math over the summer, too. It won’t be every day, just some worksheet problems or puzzles every three or four days. She likes math so much, but tends to rush through the problems and make unnecessary mistakes because she’s not paying attention. She’s got carrying with large numbers in addition down, so we’re working on borrowing in subtraction now. She gets the subject, but is not as strong in subtraction, so I think we’re going to scale back and just work on the basic subtraction facts for a bit before going back to the borrowing.

Bubba shot off her first letter to her pen pal and is anxiously awaiting her first letter back. It was nice that she was able to write an entire page with no whining or complaining about how she hates writing because it’s soooo boring.

The garden is doing ok. The strawberries do not look like they handled the transplanting well, but I haven’t given up on them yet. The blueberries are looking good, though, and I am very happy about that.

She has been continuing on with the photography. We have progressed to texture as her current subject. It’s fun to go through all of her photos with her and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of them. She’s got a great eye for setting up a photograph. We’re working on learning why the piece works so that she can discuss art works in terms of their design rather than just saying, “I like the way it looks”.

She’s gotten into reading magazines lately during her silent reading time. She likes the Highlights subscription that we get and a friend has been giving us issues of a Nickelodeon magazine that has been coming to her randomly. Bubba is a huge Nickelodeon fan, which is funny because we don’t even have cable. She catches it randomly and likes to go to their website to watch the show clips that are on there. I don’t mind too much, I grew up on Nickelodeon. I remember watching endless hours of Pinwheel and You Can’t Do That on Television.


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