All Girls School

April 3, 2008, 9:37 pm
Filed under: art, Bubba, garden, photography, reading

Bubba has started her photography project. We’re choosing one of the basic elements of design at a time and discussing them. Then we look around at the art and photos around our house to find examples of that element. After that, I turn her loose with our old digital camera for a few days. Then, we put the photos on the computer and go through each one and discuss them. She and I choose five of our favorites and delete the rest. After we get through the different elements, I’m going to print them out and mount them. I’ll make up invitations and we’re going to have a “gallery” opening, with fancy finger food and everything. She’s been really enthusiastic about the project and we’ve looked at her first element’s results and she had some really great shots. I’m excited to share her photographs on this site, but since some of you that read here will be attending the opening, Bubba has request that I wait until after the gala.

In other news, our second round of tomatoes have sprouted. We’re still waiting on the peppers. ? The chives survived Baby’s herb-pot-smashing and are coming in nicely. The girls have enjoyed checking out the little starts poking through every morning.  Tomorrow we’ll plant the spinach and the strawberries. Our blueberry  bushes seem to be hanging in there. I am really anticipating all of our fruit for this year. Supposedly we’ll get a good crop from the blueberries this year as the plants are three years old. We’re crossing our fingers.

Bubba and I are reading Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. She found the book at the bookstore and thought it looked interesting. We’re only seven chapters in, but so far I’m not loving it. It has been a nice break from the Little House series, though. I’ve been reading some of the Amazon reviews about this book and it looks like many people prefer Hale’s first two books to this one, so maybe we’ll check those out. We’re a little fly by night with our book choices, reading whatever strikes our fancy at the moment. I’ve considered putting more thought into what books we read and what order we read them, but that makes it seem like work and I want reading to be fun. When I instituted a mandatory silent reading time every day, Bubba balked. She really did not like the idea, but started with a Junie B. Jones book. She suddenly found out that she loves silent reading and I find her doing it in the car and randomly in her afternoon and even late at night when she’s supposed to be in bed. I can’t even say how thrilled I am about this, even the sneak reading late at night. So, since we’re enjoying reading random books as our moods dictate, we’re going to just keep on keeping on.


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