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March 27, 2008, 2:54 pm
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Bubba received an Easy Bake Oven a couple of years ago for her birthday. It’s only been used minimally because it’s really just a lot easier to make something in the real oven. She has been asking for a few days if we can cook something in it, so today we decided on the Oreo cake. We started by mixing the batter.


Then we filled the miniature pan.

The we slid it into the oven with the plastic placing spatula. It smelled like melting plastic for a while, then we started to smell the chocolate goodness that was baking inside. Here is the cookie cake that emerged.

(sorry for the blurriness, I think the plastic fumes were getting to me.)

Then we got to repeat this process again, because we have one cake pan and this is a two layer cake. For reference, it takes 15 minutes to warm up the oven, 12 minutes to cook each cake, and then they tell you to wait another 15 minutes for the cake to cool before taking it out. I took the cakes out of the pan after two minutes and they were quite cool enough. I mean, they’re only a 1/4 of an inch thick. I will say that using non stick spray allowed the little cake discs to pop right out of the pan without any sticking.

While the second cake was cooking, we mixed up the marshmallow frosting. Tell me how appetizing this looks…

Again, Mmmmmmmm!

After the last cake came out, I assembled the masterpiece and poured the packet of Oreo crumbs over it. (What they lacked in cake substance, they made up for tenfold with excessive cookie crumbs.)

To compare, here is the packaging.

The entire two layer cake is the same size as a deck of cards. We had fun, though, and the girls scarfed it down in no time. (I licked some of the cake off of my fingers and thought it was kind of gross, but eating something you make yourself often makes it taste better.)

Oh, and look at what my tree is doing in the backyard…


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Oh YUM!!! 🙂

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