All Girls School

March 3, 2008, 9:30 pm
Filed under: Bubba, soccer, sports

Indoor soccer practice started today. Bubba couldn’t be happier. Not only is this her favorite recreational sport, but she’s on her best friend’s team. Dad took her to practice tonight, and then out to eat. She loves having “Daddy Days” and is always asking him when his next day off is so that they can go do something together. She has another practice on Wednesday and then her first game on Saturday. It is so much more fun to watch my own children participate in sports than I ever thought it would be. I remember sitting through my younger brother’s t-ball games and practically crying due to the absolute boredom that I felt. I’m sure he felt the same way at mine. When it’s your own kid out there, though, it is riveting. I love watching Bubba play soccer. She’s tall and lanky and looks like she may have that uncoordinated gait of a foal. But she doesn’t. She’s aggressive and loves to play defender and get right up on the ball. Her favorite position is goalie. She’s got a talent for it, too. She doesn’t shy away from the ball, but attacks it head on. I’m excited for another season of indoor, to be followed by spring/summer outdoor soccer and t-ball and swimming lessons and and and…


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