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Strike Up The Band
February 26, 2008, 5:57 pm
Filed under: music

I don’t think I wrote about the demise of Bubba’s guitar lessons. It wasn’t a demise so much as an abrupt halt. Her teacher just stopped showing up for the lessons and wouldn’t answer my calls or return my messages. I think he became daunted at the prospect of how long it was going to take to teach her to really play well and he didn’t have the social skills to stand up and tell me that he was finished. I think he was also over scheduled and we were the lowest on his priority list. It was sad when he stopped. We had liked him a lot, especially Bubba. She was pretty devastated at first. I wanted to call him and tear into him for hurting her like that. I didn’t, though. He was a young college kid that probably wasn’t thinking past the freed up evening that had now entered his schedule. I still toy with the idea of calling him and leaving him a message telling him how much she liked him and how hurt she was when he ditched us without so much as a goodbye. The saddest part was that he had promised her a special reward if she had these four chords down pat by the next lesson. She practiced so hard that week, just to have him not show up.

Anyway, we’ve moved on. I didn’t pursue anything new at first because I wanted Bubba to have time to get over it so she wouldn’t associate any new teacher with her hurt feelings from the first. But recently we have been looking for a new teacher and it looks like we may have found one. The great thing is that it is a woman that Bubba is already somewhat familiar with and she is a very level-headed and stand-up lady. Plus she’s great with kids and really into music. So, we’re crossing our fingers that this goes well.


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