All Girls School

Dictionaries and Calulators
February 25, 2008, 4:47 pm
Filed under: Bubba, math

Today Bubba and I worked on some dictionary work. She had never used one before, but did understand what they are for. We had a worksheet with some words on it and she had to look them up and write a quick definition for them. While she understands alphabetical order and can apply it easily to a short list of words, the small print and vastness of the Webster’s dictionary slowed her down a bit. She came through, though. She was excited that she was able to accomplish something new and “grown up” like researching definitions.

We’ve been working on time trials with addition 0-9. It’s in the form of time tests. Yes, it’s pretty much repetitive memorization. Since it’s math, though, she doesn’t seem to notice. She loves doing these huge sheets full of numbers. She’s getting better. I think we’re going to bust out the flash cards as a supplement. I’m going to try to figure out a solitare version of around the world for her to play with them. That was always a fun way to work on the memorization of facts. She adds well, but is still figuring out the problem every time, so we’re going to keep working on this until it comes more naturally for her.

I think the only thing she’ll really remember about this school day, though, is that I showed her how to spell hello and boobs on a calculator. Oh well, we’ll file that one under life skills.


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