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February 23, 2008, 2:46 pm
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This morning, in spite of my terrible illness and the freezing cold weather, we braved out to mail off Bubba’s book. (and to get donuts.) She ended up finishing all the illustrations as well as writing out all of the text on lined paper. She was very proud of finishing the whole thing and a little embarrassed at all of the dramatics we had to go through to finish it. I scanned all of the illustrations into the computer before we sent it off and I plan on making her a hardcover version of it to keep. She does have more realistic expectations about winning now, though. When we first started the project she would say things like, “When I win my laptop…”. I wanted to encourage her to go for first place, but I didn’t want to get her hopes up too high, either. I just kind of let her go with it and over time she gained a more realistic perspective on winning.

The title of the book was, “The Ladybug That Couldn’t Sleep”. She goes around asking her friends for advice and each gives her a trick that they use themselves. For example, the cricket tells her that soft music, like the kind he makes, would help her. The kitten tells her to drink some warm milk. So the ladybug goes home after talking to them and tries all of the suggestions and is able to fall asleep. It is a sweet, simple story. I wish she had spent more time on her illustrations, but they are clear and do illustrate what’s going on. I think next year she’ll have a better understanding on how to structure her time so that it doesn’t all fall to the last minute.

Here’s a sweet pic of Baby, just because she doesn’t usually look this angelic.


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