All Girls School

February 19, 2008, 10:19 pm
Filed under: Bubba, mimi, writing

The Reading Rainbow book needs to be submitted soon. She came up with the story very quickly, but took her time on the illustrations. It’s now crunch time, so she spent a lot of the day coloring in the black outlines that she had drawn previously. It’s been a good lesson in personal responsibility and keeping one’s end of a commitment. Over the last month, whenever we finished with our work for the day, I would remind her that she still had those pictures to finish. This was always met with a head nod and a non committal murmur. Today, when faced with the fact that I am sending the book in on Thursday and that none of the pages were colored in, she decided that it was too much work and that she wasn’t going to finish. I had a talk with her about accountability and keeping up with a commitment. She fought me hard about it, but I stood my ground and eventually, she stopped with all of the fighting and just started doing it. She finished about half of them today and will likely finish the rest tomorrow. I’m really proud of her for following through on this after the big drama she pulled trying to get out of it. Plus, I think she would eventually regret not finishing it because she has really been looking forward to the whole entry process.

The whole incident also led to an impromptu coloring session where Bubba began teaching Mimi about primary colors.

After all of the discord that’s been filling the house lately, I felt the best thing for the afternoon would be the park.


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