All Girls School

Working Through It All
February 16, 2008, 12:21 am
Filed under: Bubba, troubleshooting

Bubba and I had a sit down to talk about all of her recent angst. She shared where her frustrations were coming from (feeling a lack of control in the direction of her school work) and I shared where mine were coming from (her stubbornness, defiance and whining). We agreed that she hadn’t been given as much control or choice in regard to her schooling lately. We also agreed that things have been feeling stagnant and not very enticing. On the other hand, we agreed that the way she was expressing herself about her frustrations was counter productive and needed to stop asap before I lost my ever loving mind and that sometimes I just have to be the boss and make her do some work that she isn’t over the moon about. The best part is, we were able to have this discussion without her dissolving into a tearful puddle or becoming irrational and yelling and without me getting fed up and frustrated and jinxing her with a thousand daughters just like herself. (These are all small miracles in themselves.) An agreement was made that I would remember to go to her more when planning lessons because I’ve forgotten to do that lately. I also agreed to include many more games in our school day. She has agreed to stop fighting me on my stickler issues, like writing practice. We can still disagree, and if she doesn’t like the way the assignment is set up, we can discuss it, but at the first sign of whining or ignoring, the assignment stands as I laid it out the first time with no negotiations available. I don’t mind compromise and change, but I hate fighting over every. single. thing. I like the agreement that we’ve come up with and that it was taken care of very rationally. I just hope we are able to stay rational and actually implement it. That’s always the test, though, right? What’s that they say about good intentions?


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