All Girls School

February 4, 2008, 2:13 pm
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So, how do I get this child to take me seriously as a teacher? We do work well together on things, as long as they are things that she wants to do. She does not like writing. She rushes through it or sighs and messes around and does five million other things instead of just sitting down and doing the writing. I haven’t been able to find any creative ideas that actually make her want to write, either. We’ve tried journaling, letter writing, story writing, free writing, and just practicing using her best writing skills inside other assignments, all with short lived or pathetic results. I can’t see her loving a repetitive handwriting sheet, either. So, do I make her do assigned writing every day regardless? That is not appealing to me because it will involve me telling her a thousand times to get back on task and finish the writing. It will frustrate her and she will start dreading our school time together. Do I give it up and let the writing go for a while until she shows a bit more interest in it? Maybe. But, this child loves the computer and if I know her at all like I think I do, she will forgo writing completely in lieu of typing. It’s that lazy/perfectionist streak in her. If she can’t automatically do it and do it perfectly, then she doesn’t want to put any effort into it. Her writing is legible, the letters are correct and she follows the rules of spacing and punctuation, it is just messy and she’s lazy about things like letter heights and forming the letters correctly. The most frustrating thing about the whole situation is her attitude, the eye rolling, the sighing, the “I don’t waaaaant to” whining. I know she never acted like this to her teachers, but since I’m her mom, I get every bit of attitude. Yes, seven-year-old attitude is infuriating.


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Suggest you have her write letters to the relatives and remind them, because alzheimers is setting in, that they need to respond. Unfortunatley letter writing is going the way of the horse and carriage, keyboarding will be much more important to her in the future.

Comment by Old Man

if you figure this out, let me know…i bet it will apply to my 9 and 6 year olds….never mind feisty 2 year old…

: )

Comment by prairie daze

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