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The Return
January 8, 2008, 10:38 pm
Filed under: Bubba, logic, math, spelling

This being the longest break we’ve had in schooling so far, I was unsure what to expect when we started up again yesterday. Bubba seemed eager to get to work, so we just dove in. After evaluating some of her spelling in the letters she’s been writing, I decided that we would bust out the spelling book that we abandoned when we decided to forgo worksheets for a while. She spells very phonetically and just needs more structured spelling practice. I noticed over the break that the fractions work we had been doing was sinking in because she would describe things in terms of fractions naturally in conversation. She also started intuitively adding fractions in her head a few times. I was excited to see her taking those next steps just by thinking logically about what would happen if you needed 1/2 of a 1/2 C. of flour.

One of her favorite things to do are these Mind Benders.
(here’s a very basic example)

I used to do these in my SPARK class when I was in elementary school and I always loved them. So, when I found this series of books, I had to get the first one to see if she shared my love for them. She does. Do these types of activities have a specific name other than mind benders? That is a rather generic term that can apply to so many different activities and I’d like to find more of these for her. She is blowing through the book and I need to order the next one for her. What really amazed me is that she had been struggling the week before the break with some of them because they were getting a little harder. It appears that having those weeks off allowed these harder logic puzzles to stew in her mind and congeal in a way that makes sense to her because she was ripping through them.

We have a new big writing project, but it’s late so I’ll write about it next time.


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i l.o.v.e. hearing about these adventures…the simplicity of them…watching her actually take in new concepts because of the life around her.

cool stuff.

Comment by prairie daze

These are actually listed in the WTM book as logic activities. I used to do them in ARC when I was a kid, and loved them, too. Right now I offer them as one possible choice for math, along with Miquon stuff, mazes, etc.. Will’s worked his way through to the A2 book, although I have to read them to him. Are you doing the thing you talked about with National Treasure? That really sparked my curiosity.

Comment by Saille

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