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December 18, 2007, 4:03 pm
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This week we are gearing up for the theatrical release of National Treasure 2. Bubba fell in love with the first one and we have been anxiously awaiting the sequel. I thought that since this film is about John Wilkes Booth’s missing diary pages, it would be a good idea if she had a lesson on the subject of the Civil War and all that surrounded it. I kept it as simple as I could, because I didn’t feel like anything more than a surface explanation would be necessary at this point. So, we started with discussing slavery and what that meant. We then looked up a map showing the Mason-Dixon line and talked about which states were considered Northern and Southern. We looked up Abraham Lincoln’s biography as well as John Wilkes Booth’s. She and I discussed the assassination and even read the actual diary entries. We ended up having to discuss tyranny and why Booth felt Lincoln was a tyrant. She was very interested in the Underground Railroad, so I foresee a unit study on that in our future. She was also fascinated to learn about the fight over whether Kansas would be considered a free state or a slave state and wants to learn about the battles that took place here so we can visit some of the sites. (Next month will be Kansas’s birthday, so it will fit nicely into our lessons on the state’s history.)

I was excited at her excitement. We looked up the movie’s main site and explored there a little bit. We watched the trailer and there were a bunch of games that she enjoyed playing.  I can see her being a history buff like myself (or at least a historical fiction fan).


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