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Thank you, Mad Libs
December 14, 2007, 9:29 am
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Seriously, what better way to learn the parts of speech than with Mad Libs? The girls have always loved doing them, we’ve just always asked them for “an action word” or “a thing, anything at all”. This time, I had Bubba read me the first page of the Mad Libs book which describes the different types of words that they would ask for. We discussed them until she felt comfortable and then dove in. We happened to have a book about different holiday songs, so it was timely, too. I read one to her and had her fill in the words, but I would only ask for exactly what they called for (verb, adjective, etc.). If she forgot what one was, we talked about it until she figured it out. The next time around, she filled it out for me, but I made her describe what kind of word she was asking for (if she asked for an adverb, she had to tell me that it was a word that described an action, usually ending in ly). We had a lot of fun reading them back to each other, even if poop and poopy were used predominantly throughout some Christmas classics.


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i forgot how much
and you know we’re all about poopy talk.

Comment by the neufeld epp family

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