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November 29, 2007, 11:11 pm
Filed under: Bubba, math, reading, science

We’ve been studying the weather. It was Bubba’s request, but she didn’t have any specific items that she was interested in, so we’ve just been covering the basics with some general weather books. Next week we’ll do some active forecasting and cloud identification and maybe some weather experiments. She claims to want to make a 2-liter tornado, but she’s made one every year since she was three. My sister-in-law dropped off a couple of books when she was in town that had some fun ideas in them, so I think I’ll go with some of those. I’ll be sure to break out the camera, I’ve been rather lax with photographic documentation lately. She’s been playing some math computer games for her math lessons recently. We also worked with fractions a lot with some worksheets and all of the Thanksgiving cooking. She enjoys the math games, but especially the ones that she can “win”. We had to have a reminder conversation about how doing what comes easily to us is great, we’re trying to learn and push ourselves in areas that we are not as strong. She has a little trouble with competitive games, even when she’s only competing against herself. There has been more than one time when I’ve had to have her stop playing certain games because she became too worked up over not winning. So, somehow, we have to temper her emotional response to “losing” with pushing her to branch out and try things that she’s not automatically good or perfect at. Such an enigma, she is.

She wrote another letter, but it was returned due to insufficient postage. Ummm, yep. My fault. Her reading is getting so much more fluid. She has started reading me books while I clean the kitchen and fold laundry. She also reads to her sisters, which they love. We’re reading Ramona and Her Father together. She loves these Ramona books. We have to finish that one tomorrow or Saturday, though, because I have some other fun books for the holiday season.

Basically we’ve just been going along as we get the chance. The holiday disrupted our whole week, and somehow that has overflowed into this week, too. We’re still managing to get quite a bit of school time in, though. If only Webkinz was a class, she would be valedictorian.


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