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November 19, 2007, 1:38 pm
Filed under: Bubba, holiday, Thanksgiving, websites

I hadn’t planned on doing anything with the holiday for homeschool this year. Basically, I wanted to give a factual portrayal of the first Thanksgiving, but we got really busy and then all of a sudden the holiday was almost here. I didn’t feel I had time to research it and weed out the facts from all of the fiction that exists about this holiday. So, I was just going to let it go. We talk casually about the holiday and how it’s a time to be with our loved ones and be thankful for all of our blessings. Yesterday, though, someone pointed me to this site. I looked at it and it is exactly what I was wanting. Plus, it’s interactive on the computer, which makes it 10 times better in Bubba’s book. I like that is is based solely on fact and they talk about the parts where the infer more information based on those facts. There is a section on myth-busting a lot of the things I was taught in school. Plus, there’s no agenda to the information, other than trying to get a truly balanced representation of that first harvest festival. It was at a level very appropriate for my seven-year-old, and I learned some new things, too. So, we sat down and went through the whole site this morning instead of continuing on our weather unit. After we finished, we discussed a lot of what we had read and heard and talked about the new things we had learned and the items that had surprised us. Then she wrote a letter to her grandparents telling them about some of the things on the site. I think the site did a better job than I would have, because I would have had a hard time keeping my opinions out of it all. Those are discussions that she and I can have when she’s older. For now, it was a great way to get some really good information and we enjoyed exploring the site together.


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