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out of town
November 2, 2007, 9:35 pm
Filed under: family, girlies, guitar

The girlies’ great grandmother passed away a week ago. We have spent the past week either preparing for our trip or on the road. We arrived back home yesterday. It was a good trip, the girls did amazingly well and the service for Rose was wonderful. It was great to be around so many loved ones. Bubba has been to funerals before and knew what to expect. She didn’t have many questions. Baby is still too little to understand what was going on. Mimi was the one with all of the questions and observations. She, too, did really well. She will, at the most random times say, “But I just miss Grandma Rose”. It’s is sweet and endearing. I think the funeral was good for the girls. The pastor leading the service was wonderful. He was adamant that the children be included as they are a vital part to the family.

Our trip took us through six states and over 1800 miles in four days. There was a lot of time in the car. I’m embarrassed to admit that I let the girls watch way too many movies and we didn’t really engage in anything resembling school work while we were gone. But, an aunt sent us home with a large box full of chapter books, including the complete Little House series. Bubba and I dug through them all today and are very excited. (Thanks, Aunt V!) She also had guitar lessons last night and did well considering we had been home all of five hours before sending her there. She’s up to four chords now and her teacher has promised her a surprise when she has them all down pat.

I promise some actual homeschool updates coming shortly. I need to finish unpacking (yes, yes, it’s been over 24 hours and I’m still working on it) and find the camera cable and all that.


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