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Music progression and Halloween
October 11, 2007, 7:30 pm
Filed under: Bubba, guitar, holiday, reading

Bubba learned another chord at her guitar lesson tonight. We have missed the last two weeks of lessons due to being out of town and getting stuck at a local festival last week. She is enjoying the broader range she has now, but is still really excited for the day she can play an identifiable song. I really like her teacher and so does she. We got lucky on finding him and having him be such a good fit. We were at a customer appreciation event the other weekend and he had been hired to perform there. It was fun to see him as a performer in a different context.

We’re doing a lot of reading about Halloween. We found a great little book at the library that discusses the holiday’s origins on a basic level and shows how it has evolved over time to include so many different elements. We decorated the house with the holiday stuff and Bubba and Mimi have been making different decorations that we’ll put up when it gets closer. We don’t usually decorate for Halloween, so it’s kind of fun to have random spooky stuff hanging out all over the living room.


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i’m determined to help get on this…watch out…decorations coming…3 year old style.

Comment by the neufeld epp family

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