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Medieval Wrap-Up
October 1, 2007, 9:26 pm
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We have been learning about the medieval times since school began. We’ve done lots of reading and we watched an entertaining documentary. Our big plan was to host a medieval feast last Wednesday. We ended up changing that due to a family birthday party. We had thought about rescheduling for this week, but Bubba and I are more keen on moving on to the next thing rather than stretching this one more week.

We did have our grand finale at the Renaissance Festival on Saturday, though. (I know, I know, the Renaissance is not Medieval, but there were no Medieval Festivals to attend.) We stayed for the whole day and had a blast. The girlies were spoiled by their grandparents (and a little bit by us). The highlights included elephant rides, pony rides, huge turkey legs, face painting, being knighted by the Queen herself, and, Bubba’s favorite, the joust.

By far the most educational aspect of the day came from an unintentional run-in with the Beefeaters. A gorgeous little boy with red curly hair and a kilt grabbed Bubba and pulled her under the rope to their area and she was given special lessons. They taught her how to hold her weapon and the correct way to use it. Then they dressed her in full armor and told us all about how the people dressed for battle and what the duration would have been like and all kinds of fascinating details.

After that we were allowed to hold many of their weapons, including a 500-year-old sword. It was such an engaging way to learn about history. I wish there were more accessible events like this.

Bubba’s favorite items of the day were getting to dress up in her headdress and cape, watching the joust, face painting, and playing the sideshow games.


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at preschool today, mia did exclaim: i rode on a real elephant! eyes haven’t been wider than today. : )

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