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September 10, 2007, 9:56 pm
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Tomorrow is library day. I want Saturdays to be our scheduled day, but that just doesn’t always happen. Tomorrow I will have to pay our overdue fine. I try not to think of it as us being completely irresponsible and lazy in our transactions with our beloved library, but as being a financial contributor that enables the fine institution to carry on. We do give them quite a bit of money in late fees. Our intentions are always so noble, and usually, for a while, we are able to stay on a consistent schedule and rotate through books and videos in a timely fashion. But, then something will happen and we’ll keep the items for waaaaay too long and receive several letters demanding that we return the books or trade them for our first born. That’s usually when we’re able to dig up our contraband and slide it into the return slot. It’s really not difficult to return these things, I don’t know what our problem is.


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Most libraries allow telephone and/or web renewals on items, some even allow multiple renewals as long as the item isn’t on reserve for another patron. Give this a shot to buy yourself more time…

Comment by Woeful

i think i pay a fine every time i bring things back…it feels quite lame. so now i approach the desk and say: i’m here to pay your electric bill!

Comment by the neufeld epp family

We have the exact same problem. I call myself a “Friend of the Library” whenever I “contribute”, which cools the librarians off a bit. The problem at the moment is that our local library is a teensy little village one…it’s only open about fifteen hours a week. They know me and all the kids by name, and it’s very personal if I have a late book. I also request books from the larger library system a lot, so now we have these blue paper strips in each book that it’s completely vital we NOT LOSE, and since Graeme likes to pull them out, we’ve had drama a time or two. I’ve had to develop a whole system for managing the blue strips. We need a late book support group. BibAnon.

Comment by Saille

Humm… “Blue paper strips.” These are probably the only way your library can distinguish that the items aren’t theirs and that they need to be sent back to the lending institution. We use a very similar system, lest we shelve another library’s books as our own. Oops!

Comment by Woeful

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