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And so completes the first week
September 7, 2007, 12:45 pm
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We finished up this afternoon. Our week was filled with math worksheets, painting, writing and reading, reading, reading. She has amazed me (and herself) with her reading ability. I have chosen articles from her new Highlights and had her read them out loud to me while I’m cleaning up lunch. She was daunted at first and very hesitant to read it. After I insisted that she was perfectly capable, she read it almost perfectly, pausing to spell a few words to me that she was unsure of. Bubba was quite proud of herself when she finished. We’re about halfway through Ramona the Pest and she’s enjoying it quite a bit. It’s fun for me to read it, too. I haven’t read it for probably 15 years at least. I remember feeling great empathy for Ramona and a lot of respect for the few grown ups in her life that really understood children and their needs. Now I find that I have much more compassion for the adults and am frequently frustrated by Ramona’s actions. Guess I went and grew up myself, huh?

We did a Jackson Pollock inspired painting for our art lesson. It was a good one to start with because there was no structure to it and no frustration with doing anything “wrong”. Something I’ve found is that Bubba is quite the perfectionist and when she gets something wrong, she smacks herself in the head and seems to get really down on herself. This bothers me quite a bit. We have never put any academic pressure on her, nor do we expect perfection from our children. I don’t know where this came from. Her kindergarten teacher mentioned this to me at the end of last year, but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes before. We’ve done a lot of talking about how we all make mistakes and that the whole point of schooling is to learn.

We had her first guitar lesson and it went pretty well. Her teacher had forgotten, so when he was ten minutes late I called him and he was there within 3 minutes. He took the time to show us how to tune the guitar and then he and Bubba had their lesson. She left with one chord to learn. We’ve practiced it a bit, but it’s going to take a while before the finger positions feel natural to her. I’ve been trying it, too, and it’s not nearly as easy as it looks when other people play.

She has been doing some journal writing, too. We plan on writing about twice a week, more if she feels so moved. Her first entry was on a topic of her choice. Today’s was an answer to the question of where she would go if she could see just one place in Washington D.C. She answered the Smithsonian, but really meant was the National Archives Building to see the Declaration of Independence. (Ever since seeing National Treasure, she’s been hooked. We’re eagerly awaiting the second one this winter.)


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Keep up the computer entries. It really cheered me up to read about your successful good week, after teaching a week in a public school with frustrating scheduling glitches that are driving me crazy! I am proud of you guys and throughly enjoy reading about it all!

Comment by Great Aunty V

Are you drawing your art lessons from a specific book or site?

Comment by Saille

I used this for the first project. I have all of my old art history books and am dying to delve into them with her, but, ummm… she’s only 7 and these are just way beyond her. The projects this book gives are pretty basic and the info they provide is way too minimal for my tastes, so I supplement by finding other info about the artist and movement to go with it. We also employ critique. A day or two after the project is completed and dry, we revisit it and talk about which parts work the best and why. Over the course of this year we’ll cover the elements of design (line, texture, hue, etc.) and hopefully we’ll be able to have some good discussions about her pieces and it will help her when beginning a project and planning it out. (Being an art major myself, I have been really excited about this part of homeschooling and put a lot of thought into it.)
Anyway- this book is just a bit of a springboard for us as I did like some of the project ideas in it, I’m just not thrilled with the lack of real info in it.

Comment by allgirlschool

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