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Guess who I saw today?
September 1, 2007, 10:37 pm
Filed under: Bubba

So, I went out to rent some movies for the family tonight. As I approached the checkout counter I noticed that the clerk was none other than… Bubba’s kindergarten teacher from last year. So, I smiled and we exchanged pleasantries. She had obviously realized at some point this year that Bubba is not at school and asked how she was and where she is. I told her that we are homeschooling. She literally paused for a moment and then visibly composed herslef and smiled and said, “Oh! How is that going?” I told her that we are starting next week and we left it at that. I’m hoping that she didn’t take it personally. I hope she wasn’t thinking that I was so disappointed in her teaching that I pulled her out of school. The fact is, I have always (well, since I started thinking about it, anyway) wanted to homeschool. At the beginning of last year I was under the impression that I would be getting another full time job and wouldn’t be able to do it. So, we sent her to school. This year, now that my work is going well at home, I knew I would be bringing her home. But- that’s not to say that I was thrilled with this teacher last year, but it wasn’t anything big. It was mostly just her perpetuating a lot of the reasons I wanted to school at home in the first place. Oh well, I’ll be taking Bubba to the movie store the next time I go on a weekend so she can see her old teacher. She really did/does love her and would love to see her again.

In other news, school starts on Tuesday. We went to the school supply store and picked out a calendar for our space. We’re really excited to get going. I have had to promise her that next year we will be starting on or before the public schools so she doesn’t feel left out like she has the past couple of weeks. (The fun little part of that conversation was that she said it as though we are naturally going to homeschool again next year. I had to promise her when we started that she would have the option of returning to public school next year if she wanted. Now she doesn’t even think in that way. Yay!)


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