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Music – Guitar Lessons
August 23, 2007, 9:03 pm
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For the past two years Bubba has gone to music camp in the summer and learned the basics of the violin. So, we started looking in to local lessons here. There is a really nice Suzuki method class in town. It, unfortunately comes at a higher price than we were able to meet easily. So, before taking on debt to pursue those lessons, we looked around town a bit. We found an ad for local guitar lessons. Now, the guitar is what she has always wanted to play. We thought that we would start her with the violin and then have her move on to the guitar when she got older. Instead, we’ve found a wonderful teacher from the local college that will give her lessons every week. She is so excited. We went to the guitar store today to see what size she needed and to try out a few different styles. This is what she has decided on:

It will be here in 3-5 days. We have discussed what kind of a commitment this will be for her. Practicing will become part of our every day schedule except for lesson days and maybe one weekend day. I am excited that she will have a regular music lesson of some kind and she is thrilled that she will learn to play the guitar. I have asked her teacher to cover guitar care and stuff with her, too, since neither her father nor I have ever played a guitar. I think it will be great for her.


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