All Girls School

Big Day Tomorrow
August 15, 2007, 11:49 am
Filed under: Bubba, summer

I’m going to need to do something a little special for Bubba tomorrow. Public school starts and the past couple of days she has been listening to her friends talk about their new teachers and classes. She really did love school and I have moments of sadness for her. She’s not terribly upset or anything, but I can tell she feels a bit left out of it all. She’s also a bit upset that we aren’t starting tomorrow, but are waiting until after Labor Day instead. I told her we can start doing a few things next week; journal entires, some math, reading, etc. The other stuff I already have laid out on our school planner for the year.

I was grocery shopping the other evening and an unknown number called my cell phone. When I answered it a woman identified herself as Bubba’s bus driver and said she would be outside our house at 7:15 am on Thursday. I told her that it was a mistake and that I had intentionally not filled out the bus paperwork because Bubba is not attending the school this year. Tell me, what’s the point of sending out transportation paperwork to hundreds of students if it serves no real purpose? Anyway, I’m at least glad that she called so I don’t freak out wondering why someone is honking outside our house tomorrow morning.


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