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Music – Guitar Lessons
August 23, 2007, 9:03 pm
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For the past two years Bubba has gone to music camp in the summer and learned the basics of the violin. So, we started looking in to local lessons here. There is a really nice Suzuki method class in town. It, unfortunately comes at a higher price than we were able to meet easily. So, before taking on debt to pursue those lessons, we looked around town a bit. We found an ad for local guitar lessons. Now, the guitar is what she has always wanted to play. We thought that we would start her with the violin and then have her move on to the guitar when she got older. Instead, we’ve found a wonderful teacher from the local college that will give her lessons every week. She is so excited. We went to the guitar store today to see what size she needed and to try out a few different styles. This is what she has decided on:

It will be here in 3-5 days. We have discussed what kind of a commitment this will be for her. Practicing will become part of our every day schedule except for lesson days and maybe one weekend day. I am excited that she will have a regular music lesson of some kind and she is thrilled that she will learn to play the guitar. I have asked her teacher to cover guitar care and stuff with her, too, since neither her father nor I have ever played a guitar. I think it will be great for her.


August 23, 2007, 12:48 pm
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I’m trying to decide if chores should be incorporated as part of the curriculum or if they should just become a more regular part of our daily routine. I see pros and cons to both ways, but regardless, it needs to happen. That and a big ol’ purge of crap. We have wonderful family that love to spoil the girls and many have passed down their old (like-new, mostly) toys for the girls. All of that, on top of birthdays, Christmas and other random treats, leads to a whole lot of stuff. I did go through a lot of old toys and clothes in the spring and I called the local Domestic Abuse shelter. They only take donations on the third Saturday of the month and it involved calling quite a few people. I was also told that there was a chance nobody would show up to open the storage unit any way. I was a little frustrated at the difficulty involved in donating to them. Plus, we have consistently had plans for the third Saturday of the month since then. Hopefully, I can get through the rest of it before the third Saturday in September and then I can take it all. (Of course, that will likely be the day of Bubba’s birthday party, but we should be able to make a drop-off run in the morning.) Plus, I want the girls involved in the giving/donation process.

I attended orientation for Mimi’s preschool yesterday. I will be the assistant teacher in her preschool class for the coming year. I am excited about it and I think Mimi is, too. Time will tell. I love the director/head teacher and the way they integrate the young kids with the elderly folks that live in the main part of the building. I had to go get a TB test yesterday per the State’s requirements for working with kids. That was fun. Good thing needles don’t bother me. We also had to go over signs of child abuse and neglect, which is always difficult. Mimi starts her school the same day that we start homeschooling here.

Some day I will have real homeschool stuff to write about here instead of just the prep and random things that come up. I’m really excited for it.

Big Day Tomorrow
August 15, 2007, 11:49 am
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I’m going to need to do something a little special for Bubba tomorrow. Public school starts and the past couple of days she has been listening to her friends talk about their new teachers and classes. She really did love school and I have moments of sadness for her. She’s not terribly upset or anything, but I can tell she feels a bit left out of it all. She’s also a bit upset that we aren’t starting tomorrow, but are waiting until after Labor Day instead. I told her we can start doing a few things next week; journal entires, some math, reading, etc. The other stuff I already have laid out on our school planner for the year.

I was grocery shopping the other evening and an unknown number called my cell phone. When I answered it a woman identified herself as Bubba’s bus driver and said she would be outside our house at 7:15 am on Thursday. I told her that it was a mistake and that I had intentionally not filled out the bus paperwork because Bubba is not attending the school this year. Tell me, what’s the point of sending out transportation paperwork to hundreds of students if it serves no real purpose? Anyway, I’m at least glad that she called so I don’t freak out wondering why someone is honking outside our house tomorrow morning.

That time of year…
August 7, 2007, 7:34 am
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We have reached that time of year when we do nothing but travel. The two older girls were in a family wedding and looked beautiful. We made an extra trip home in between the rehearsal evening and the wedding day to visit our local bookstore for their Harry Potter 7 release party. I am so glad we did because besides a wonderful sense of community and feeling good about supporting a local retailer, we got to watch Bubba win the costume contest! She dressed as Luna and had radish earrings and a butterbeer cork necklace. She was thrilled and received a charm bracelet and a package of blood pops. She also got a large handful of jewels to add to her house jar which pushed them into the lead. Ravenclaw won the House Cup due in a big way to her costume win.

The next week we left on our family vacation to the mountains. We had a blast climbing, swimming, running, swinging and playing in the great outdoors. There was another wedding there, but none of us were involved, we were merely spectators. It was a long drive, but it was the first time the smaller two had ever been to Colorado and they loved climbing the rocks and feeding peanuts to the chipmunks and sticking their feet in the cold rivers.

Last weekend involved a trip way out West to my great-grandmother’s 90th birthday. It was great to see all of our family and explore out in front of my grandparents’ house. The girls loved having a dog to chase around and feed bones to. Someday we may have to get a dog… someday. The found a bunch of rusty iron tools and used them to dig in the dirt. They were also treated to a ride in the tractor.

We will be home for the next stretch that takes us into birthday season. Bubba is really pusing to “start school” right away, but I’m holding out until after Labor Day because we just have too much finishing up of summer to do still.