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I Love Our Library
June 27, 2007, 1:55 pm
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I love our library. The children’s librarian, Ms. A., is awesome. My kids love her. Even the baby knows her by name and is delighted to see her. To her credit, she knows most of the kids’ names by heart and always says something sweet and encouraging to them when they show her their papers and books.

The kids’ section fills the entire basement and is painted with a full outdoors-y mural full of kids, animals and countryside. Where the pond painted on the wall reaches the floor, the carpet changes to blue and flows out, completing the pond’s other shores. The fluorescent light fixtures on the ceiling are arranged to look like puffy clouds.

There is a huge play area full of toys that is gated off by a white country fence. There are puzzles and boxes and boxes of learning toys stacked on the shelves. In the bigger play section there is a kitchen set and a slide and a huge firetruck that all the kids love to drive.

There is a long bank of computers filled with games for the kids (mostly Magic Schoolbus). Then there are, of course, the books. Some of the librarians’ picks are pulled out to fill the shelves on the outside of the cushion-y reading gazebo. There is also always a large selection of board books laid out on the small table for the littlest readers.

We have signed the girls up for storytime since they were little. Baby goes now and we read a couple of cute baby books and sing songs and play rhythm instruments. Mimi gets to listen to stories, watch puppet shows and sometimes there is a video. There is also always a craft of some sort. Bubba only has storytime in the summer now that she is school-aged. Hers consists of longer stories and a quiz afterward (with prizes the next week), a puppet show and six tables with three different crafts. During Bubba’s storytime all of the children leave with a book. The best part is that even if it is storytime for the older kids, the littlest ones are still more than welcome to listen, watch and participate in the crafts. I always make my kids ask Ms. A. first, to make sure that there are enough supplies for them, too. She is always very gracious, telling me that she has little ones and knows how it is with them wanting to do what the bigger ones do.

Now, there are lots of summer activites planned. Last week there was a traveling theatre performance out of San Diego. It was a two-person show on Sherlock Holmes and it was fantastic. There was lots of audience participation and action. Today we watched a World Champion yo-yo performer. He was all of 19 and had multiple championships under his belt. It was an amazing performance and the kids were riveted- especially during the light-up part.

Next week there is nothing, due to the 4th of July, but following that will be a puppet theatre troupe coming in. We can’t wait.


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