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Harry Potter Mania
June 24, 2007, 2:38 pm
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I loaded up the girls and drove them to the Cosmosphere for an exciting day of Harry Potter Mania. I hadn’t told the girls what we were doing, so it was a surprise for them. When we got in we were given a sheet that told us where the different stations were and had spaces to get stamped at each one. We decided that the Troll Ice Cream station would be a good starting point. They used the ice cream basics of sugar, cream and milk with some green troll coloring thrown in. They used liquid oxygen to cool it. It was pretty tasty.

Then we proceeded to make our own broomsticks out of paper and tape. Then the guy manning the station placed each broom over a piece of pvc pipe that was attached to some pressurized air and shot them out in to the foyer with a loud “POP”. It was to test the aerodynamics of our broomstick creations.

Next up was the Make Your Own Wand station. It started with clear plastic tubes and you got to choose what element went inside (signified by different colored sparkled pipe cleaners). Then they poured in a bunch of glitter and sequins. The wands got capped off at the end of the table. Here are my little wizards in their best Harry Potter poster pose…

We decided to watch some of the Harry Potter Look-A-Like contest after that. Here were some of our faves…

The lady on the end won, along with her family. Her husband was a very tall Hagrid and her two kids were a very good Harry and Hermoine. It was a lot of fun to watch (the Weasley family was my favorite). We then got to take pics of the girls under the Hogwarts seal.

The last one we had to visit was the Face Painting station. We waited in the line for 45+ minutes. That is a reeeeeeeally loooooong time with three kids aged 6.5 and under. They were great about it, though. Some kids (and adults) were having their whole face painted to look like different animals or to represent one of the four Hogwarts houses. The girls chose to be more minimal in their designs. Baby wasn’t too sure about face painting in general.

Mimi dictated some sort of princess story that was then illustrated all over her face. Bubba chose for a simpler hearts and stars approach. Was it worth the 45 minute wait? Decidedly not. But, what are you going to do?

Finally, we had all of our stations visited and the stickers placed on our paper.

This allowed us to enter all three girls’ names in the drawing for a Harry Potter 5 movie poster. I did the accordion fold on all three of our entries so that they’ll stick out a bit more than the others. We’re not holding our breath or anything, plus I don’t know that we have the wall space for a movie-sized poster.

We skipped watching The Goblet of Fire on the IMAX screen there because Baby is not one to sit through 3-hour-long movies at this point. Hubby took Bubba to see it there a couple of weeks ago. We also skipped the Magic For Muggles demo because you had to purchase tickets for it and again, Baby is not one to sit and watch performances so much. It was a fun program that they had put together and helped the girls get newly pumped for the next movie and book. (Not that we needed more pumping up, it is fairly consistent conversation in our household anyway.)


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Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Comment by tovorinok

i love Harry Potter wwooooo

Comment by Anonymous

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